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New account :iconpiyohouse: :iconpiyohouse: :iconpiyohouse:
Hello all, is Rinashuu/Chisachu, like all here know, I deactived and leave my last account "Chisachu" 7 months ago and  I never told or explain to anyone here why I desappear like that, first of all, I want to say sorry because I know that leave like I do without say a thing is something rude and I make some people worry and feel sad, I diden't want that, belive me and To tell I'm back and I have a new account 

I'll not go into details, but I leave for personal reasons, stupid decisions and with a very wrong and inmature thought of the real life, but on this months happen good things too, I learn on the hard way, I go back to school, I'm on my last year and looking for the college, I meet new people, I lost weight, I understand that the persons I used to call friends on my real life aren't friends or good at all, and that never put a boy over your own happiness no matter how much you love that person.

I'm sorry Elena, I'm sorry Dani, I'm sorry Motze, I'm so sorry hannon, I'm sorry Elizabeth, I'm sorry Rikku, I'm sorry my kiwii,  YOU ALL WAS RIGHT and I know, some of you don't wanna know about me or maybe the things will not be like they used to be, but I want to tell you girls, that I thought so much about you on the passed  months and sometimes I looked at your gallerys and saw how much you all improve, and I want to say thanks for always support me and help me when I was here, because without all the tips and help you give me I would not be the person I am now, as on Deviantart as in my personal life.  The months I was out I learn a lot of things I needed to learn about life, I was an idiot, so I promise, something like that will not happen again.

I want to say sorry to all of my watchers and the people that always support me here, I love you guys and makes me really happy reand on the comments that some of you still look for me and ask me what happen and where I was, in special to the comments that my sweet Eli :iconpeppermentpanda: leave on my DA page every month and week... thanks to that comments I react and I toke the desition to come back, and if someone read this I really want to have you back with me, so if you want to follow me again I'll be really happy and thankful.

This is my new account: :iconpiyohouse: :iconpiyohouse: :iconpiyohouse:
Thanks for read, have a Nice day :iconpinkmarmalade:


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